Mobile Pokies in Australia — Your trustful review

Mobile Pokies in Australia — Your trustful review

This expert review contains information about what mobile Pokies are and how to play them at online casinos in Australia. You will learn how to download and install the real money pokies app, as well as read about the advantages of free mobile pokies. It will take a few minutes to read, after which you can enjoy the game on your mobile.

What are Online Pokies? 

By the number of games in the portfolio of Australian online casinos, Pokies (or Slots, as they are known all over the world) noticeably prevail over other games. Most online Pokies use multiple reels (at least three), which display the results of the spin on the screen. Each of them contains several symbols that fall out randomly, generated by a special algorithm. If a row, line or other conditions match, the user receives a cash prize. There are several types of slots, depending on the number of reels that are used in the game. 

Various symbols and signs can be depicted on the reels, there are different variants, depending on the subject (fruits, Ancient Egypt, Wild West, etc.). The amount of winnings depends on the size of the bet and the number of lines in a particular slot machine, which can be read in the casino rules. 

In addition to the usual symbols, special elements are used in mobile Slots. 

Wild symbols

Wild symbols replaces other pictures. At the same time, it can often form combinations himself. They are usually paid at high odds. Usually, Wild cannot be used instead of Scatters, Bonus symbols and other special elements;

The Scatter symbol

The Scatter symbol is not associated with active lines. Most often, such symbols bring winnings, appearing in any cells on the screen. In most slots, it is the Scatter that starts the free spins;


This symbol is needed to start the prize rounds. These can be bonus games of different formats or other functions;

The Jackpot symbol

The Jackpot symbol is usually used to draw cumulative jackpots. In some Pokies models, the player receives this amount if he collects five Jackpot pictures on the central line. Sometimes these symbols only start a special round in which you still have to compete for the progressive jackpot;

Giant Symbols

Giant Symbols most often represent varieties of basic images, differing in huge sizes. As a rule, they are square and occupy 4 (2×2), 9 (3×3), 16 (4×4) or even 25 (5×5) adjacent positions on the screen. In this case, each cell in the composition of such a symbol is considered a separate element;


Multipliers increase payouts several times. These pictures show the odds x2, x3, x4 and so on. They are taken into account when calculating winnings.

What is RNG responsible for in mobile Pokies? 

Pokies is a game of chance. A Random Number Generator (RNG) is responsible for the appearance of the symbols on the screen. Mathematical algorithms are used to form all combinations. In the work of the RNG, logical principles of selection are not used, and the options for possible combinations are huge. When the slot is launched, the algorithm generates a series of random numbers that determine the final combinations of symbols that fall to the user. This rule also applies in bonus modes. The RNG does not make it possible to calculate the result but guarantees security in terms of the fairness of the game. 

Mobile pokies — varieties and advantages 

Mobile pokies — varieties and advantages 

Using the mobile version of the online casino website or its mobile app, Aussie gamblers can enjoy different types of Pokies. They differ in technical characteristics, graphics, presence/absence of animation, percentage of RTP (Return To Player), and other parameters. In general, mobile slots are divided into several types, you can try each of them and decide what you like more.

Classic Pokies

Classic Pokies are those whose history is connected with land-based slot machines. Developers try to make such slots intuitive. Players can figure out the mechanics without even reading the rules. Only one button is used for control. 

Characteristics of Classic Slots: 

  • Minimalistic design;
  • Not many reels (3-5);
  • Classic set of symbols (fruits, lucky sevens, horseshoes, etc.);
  • Simple rules;
  • High odds. 

Probably the most pleasant characteristic of classic Slots for a player is high odds. Here almost all multipliers are greater than x1. This means that if a winning combination falls out, the user will come to success. There are situations when the number of possible active lines on the field increases, which is also a plus for the gambler. 

Preference for classic slots is most often given by experienced gamblers. For them, RTP and high odds are more important than the plot and good graphics. 

Video and 3D Pokies 

Video/3D Pokies have the following characteristics: 

  • Cool graphics. This indicator for video/3D slots are always on top and exceed the indicator of classic slots. The elements are drawn in great detail, the characters are animated;
  • A plot. This is a story related to the main character. It can be revealed before the start of spins, or in a thematic round;
  • Unlimited number of pay lines;
  • A pleasant sound;
  • Variety of bonuses. These can be multi-level free spins, a story bonus or other additional features.

Most often, before the start of the spins, the user is shown a small background. Then the main character remains on the screen and appears throughout the game. In some slots, he activates the bonuses. 

Pokies with 3D graphics are preferred by young gamblers. A high-quality image, animation and a variety of bonus features are the most important things in the slot for them. New games may feature high stats, progressive jackpots and much more.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies 

Progressive jackpots are a type of online Pokies, in which the amount of the final winnings is constantly increasing. Its growth depends on all the bets that players make in a particular game. The share of each bet helps to increase the jackpot amount. 

Winning the progressive jackpot of the game can instantly change a person’s life for the better. The founder of such games in online slots is one of the world’s leading developers Microgaming. 

There are also online slots with fixed jackpots. They are not as popular as slots with progressive jackpots, but they also allow you to get a chance to win big. In games with a fixed jackpot, the total amount is set in advance by the online casino. Its size is not affected by the number of players, the time spent playing or the size of the rounds 

MegaSpin Pokies 

The mechanics of Mega Spins appeared only a few years ago but have already gained high popularity among players all over the world. This type of Pokies allows you to run several games on the same screen at the same time. A minimum of three games can be started, a maximum of nine. After the gambler places bets (and they are placed in each slot separately), all the reels start spinning at the same time. With the favor of luck, the player can get a big prize. 

We advise you to keep an eye on the bankroll while playing the Mega Spins slots. Because each slot requires a separate bet, you can lose control of your money and lose it quickly. 

Tips for choosing the best Pokies app 

If you want to play online Slots on your smartphone, then you have the opportunity to use the official application of the gambling site. Our experts have prepared for you step-by-step instructions on how to choose the best pokies app: 

  1. Choose a good online casino that operates in a legal field and cares about its reputation;
  2. See if he has a mobile app for Android or iOS (depends on your device). Study its system requirements;
  3. Get information about the payment methods used by the online casino. This is a very important step, you must be sure that you can easily replenish your balance or withdraw winnings. Also look at what limits the gambling operator has set for operations, and how much time it takes to process them;
  4. Visit the Promotions section and find out what bonuses the company offers to its customers;
  5. In the Slots/Pokies section, look at the number of games, that developers have provided them, and whether there is a free demo mode. 

If you follow these tips, you can easily choose an app to enjoy mobile Pokies. The game is available in free and paid modes. Read about them below. 

Free mobile pokies — How to play? 

You don’t need a free Pokies download to enjoy this game on your mobile. Simply choose an online casino and follow our instructions: 

  1. Install the official pokies App from a legal Australian gambling operator on your Android/iOS device;
  2. After the installation is complete, click on the application icon on the screen of your device;
  3. Open the slots section and start the game in demo mode. 

You don’t have to install the app to play free Pokies on your smartphone. Just open the mobile browser and visit the official website of the online casino. Select a game and run it on in trial mode. In this case, you do not waste time downloading and installing a mobile client, even if it takes only a couple of minutes. 

FYI: Online casinos allow you to play their games for free to compete effectively with other gambling companies. By luring users to their site, they seek to expand their customer base. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an offer to play for free to be accompanied by an offer to pick up a no deposit bonus for registration. The choice is always yours. 

Features of the real money online Pokies 

Features of the real money online Pokies 

With all the advantages of free mobile pokies, playing for real money brings much more fun. Of course, no one guarantees you success, but you always have a chance to win and get a large sum of money as a prize. To install the Pokies app and play for your money, you need slightly different instructions: 

  1. Choose a reliable legal online casino, for example 7bit casino, and visit its website;
  2. Open the section dedicated to mobile applications;
  3. Follow the instructions to install the Android or iOS version of the app (depending on the model of your device);
  4. Launch the app via the shortcut on the smartphone screen;
  5. Register an account (enter the required data, and come up with a username and password);
  6. Open the payment transactions section, select the appropriate method and make a deposit;
  7. After the funds are credited to the account, visit the Slots/Pokies section, choose a game and start playing! 

You can also play online Pokies for real money without installing the app. To do this, open the mobile version of the online casino in the browser, create an account, make a deposit and run the game. 

You ask, we answer

Do I need to download free pokies? 

To enjoy mobile pokies, free download is not needed. You can install the app from the online casino or use the mobile version of its website. Just launch slots in demo mode or play for real money. You don’t need to download the games themselves. 

Is a free pokies game fair? 

Yes, mobile pokies are fair game. We recommend playing only in the applications of legal online pokie casinos in Australia. In this case, you will protect yourself from scammers and phishing software.

What are Classic Pokies? 

Classic slots are the very first type of online Pokies. It is characterized by a minimalistic design, a basic set of game functions, the absence of advanced options, and the use of classical symbols (cherries, sevens, etc.).

How to download the real money pokies app Australia? 

To download the real money pokies app, select an online casino in Australia. Visit his website and find a section dedicated to mobile clients. Download the APK file to install the app on your Android device. Follow the instructions on the website to install the mobile assistant on the iOS gadget.