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Online Pokies Glossary – Main Terms in Pokies

Online Casinos in Australia

Gambling is becoming more and more popular in Australia every day. Ever larger numbers of users are registering at online casino sites with the hope of winning a large sum of money. There are many strategies for playing poker. Most beginners learn about them only after losing money, after the first steps in the casino. 

To prevent you from making mistakes, this article was written. It was made by experienced players who have been playing online poker regularly for a long time. They already know all the basic rules for winning large sums of money.

If you follow these rules, not only will you be able to avoid losing money, but you will also have a chance to increase your winnings:

  • Set a money limit for yourself, beyond which you will not go over; 
  • Bet on your free money. Do not gamble in order to raise your financial standing;
  • Choose your money limits based on your bankroll;
  • Use the demo version. It’s perfect for learning. You don’t bet, but at the same time you play games, learn, understand the rules and choose your own strategy;
  • Pokies for you should remain as entertainment. Don’t make gambling a job. So you will not relax and play for fun, if you make it a job you will have only one goal, to win a lot of money;
  • Leave your emotions out of the game. It is worth to play based on your decisions and your strategy.

Main Gaming Terms

In order to start playing you have to learn the theoretical part. It is not only luck that is important for you to know the basic rules, game principles and terms. We’ve prepared a glossary for you, after reading it you’ll be all set to play slots. 


This term is used to represent a combination on a slot machine, which will be considered a lucky line. In the classic poks winnings are obtained for combinations composed in the middle of the game table. And usually players were waiting for the same symbols to get the winnings. But with the evolution of gambling and the emergence of updated machines with different subjects that suit absolutely every player there are more difficult combinations. They can take the form of a straight line, a diagonal or a zigzag. It all depends on the imagination of the developers of the site. 

The player gets a chance to choose the number of lines on which he wants to try his luck. Their number will vary depending on the online casino, the developers and chosen pokies. After choosing the lines player spins slot for the moment until the same symbols appear on the pre-chosen lines.Profit player counts in accordance with the payment table.


These are the rules for a particular slot, which will determine your winnings. Each player should familiarize himself with this function in order to see how much can be won with a lucky combination. Also in the table you will find information about combinations that bring the maximum profit.

Bonus Program

Bonus rounds and games are available when you get a bonus combination. You can find it in the payout table or if you fall symbol from the category Scatter. It is worth mentioning, however, that lucky breaks do not happen very often. But that does not mean that the chance is zero. Each player has a chance to get a bonus round and become the owner of nice gifts for further game. 

Developers are trying to spread differently bonus rounds. In some machines, users can get a few free rounds, while others may get a chance to participate in a no-lose lottery.

Return to player rate

RTP – a user’s income, which he can get in theory, playing at a specific pokies. Typically, this figure is prescribed by the administration of the casino site on the page of a particular machine. The higher the value is, the more chances a player has to get the prize for their bets.

For example, when a player starts with the index of 70%, in theory, with 10 bets of $ 10 he can get $ 70 in a winning.

Betting Level

Each slot means you will place multiple bets. The slot gives you the opportunity to select the level of bets. On which in the future will depend on the user’s profit in the case of a winning combination. The higher the level of bets, the greater the dividends you can count on. For a beginner, the main thing is to correctly allocate your money and not to get upset with unsuccessful combinations.


This term is one of the most difficult concepts in poker. It means the correlation between the number of successful combinations and the amount of dividends from them. It can immediately show that volatility is similar to a player’s theoretical income. This is the reason why beginners often confuse these terms. 

Volatility can help determine how big the winnings will be at a particular leave. You should not wait for big winnings in those games which often make good combinations. Usually the prize does not exceed the amount of bets. It is these slots have a low percentage of volatility. They are ideal for beginners.

Experienced players who are accustomed to risk and like to get a lot of money choose slot machines with a high percentage of volatility. Lucky values are expressed here rarely, but the profit from winning combinations is very high.

How to choose a casino to play Pokies?

Before you start playing and earning, every beginner has a difficult task – choosing a casino. With this you can help This is a site that has collected all the necessary information about the casinos to play pokies. Here you can find platforms that provide free pokies. 

Factors which the developers of reviews at Online Casino AU paid attention to:

  • Operation-it needs to be easy to understand for all players. The mechanics of the games, navigation and controls should be so clear that no user will ever have a question;
  • Interactive games-you can bet instantly with a mobile app or the official website. If the platform meets this criterion, it can get a high score;
  • Quality music, graphics and sound effects-the presence of these three components is exactly. what attracts players. If users like the music, effects, design – it causes satisfaction and a sense of excitement;
  • Fast payouts-players can pick up their winnings when they need them;
  • Bonuses-a large number of prizes means more chances to win. Some online casinos offer free pokies and many other interesting and attractive bonuses;
  • Customer support-help a player may need at any time of the day or night, so customer support should be available 24/7.

Online pokies is a great way not only to relax, but also to earn real money. So hurry up and learn all the terminology, so that your game would be. Find the necessary site together with Online Casinos AU and start a fascinating journey into the world of gambling.